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The CMI2 assists clients – ranging from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to research universities and from start-up companies to established, but non-traditional technology firms – with collaborative innovation activities that advance the state of civil-military technologies through a host of services, including program and contract management, infrastructure development and management support, and operational assistance.

Program & Contract Management

The CMI2 assists the DoD and other organizations with program management and contract management activities focused on innovation workforce development, technology research activities, and technology commercialization.   With the targets and objectives of our clients in mind, the CMI2 supports the definition and management of requirements, activities, schedules, resources, and risks to help our clients meet their goals.


Infrastructure Development & Management Support

To support the DoD and other organizations, the CMI2 provides infrastructure development and management support services – ranging from facility management to resource development – to effectively implement innovation workforce training and education programs, technology research programs, and technology commercialization and acceleration activities.


Operational Assistance

The CMI2’s mission to advance civil-military innovation requires a strong operational assistance component to support research universities, national laboratories, and private businesses with their efforts in this space. The CMI2 provides workforce analysis assessments, workforce training planning, investment facilitation, workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentorship services, training curriculum development and other resources to support the development of civil-military innovation workforce and the advancement of dual-use technology commercialization and scaling activities.


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